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No more Downtown Park Walks. I am a Suburban Home Dog! (August 16, 2020)

poodle at downtown park

Last updated on December 6th, 2020 at 08:57 pm

Today, dad took me out on a walk to a downtown park. As always, I was excited about the idea of going out. I was doing my “take me with you” hops and jumps when he was getting ready to go to the downtown park. And he took me with him.

Next time, I will be careful for what I wish for.

After a 30 minutes drive, we arrive at the park.

poodle at downtown park

It was a really big park with a lot of people. I am not used to seeing so many people all at the same time.

Don`t get me wrong. I do love people, but I do not know how to handle so many people at the same time. Too many people stress me out.

Also, there was so much traffic noise and a lot of people making noise. These stress me out as well. I have very sensitive ears and I process all sounds for investigation. So, every unknown sound stresses me out.

All these combined with the high summer heat hyper-stressed me out.

Fortunately, we did not walk a lot. I was so glad when the walk was over.

I was feeling dehydrated when we got back to the car. Gladly, Dad has got water for me in the car. I devoured the water.

poodle hydrating in the car

When we got back home, I went to my corner and I “passed out”.

worn out poodle

I do not think I am an urban downtown dog yet. I don`t know if I will ever be. Without sounding elitist, I think I am a suburban home dog. I thrive in a quiet environment with a regulated temperature ( 72 degrees and below) :-).