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How Old is a Poodle in Human Years?

running poodle equals to running man?

Last updated on October 30th, 2021 at 05:56 pm

A long time ago, one year in a dog’s life was thought to be equal to 7 years in a human. However, this conversion does make sense if you really think about it. A one-year-old dog is mature enough to have kids, but a 7-old year human is not. Basically, this 1 to 7 dog life-to-human life ratio did not add up.

Therefore, not too long ago, scientists developed a more sensible way to convert dog years to humans years. This method took into account the fast rate at which dogs grow early in their life. And the method also takes into account the different rates at which dogs of different breed sizes grow.

However, recently, scientists have developed what these scientists called an even more accurate method to convert a dog`s age to human age.

Researchers at the University of San Diego recently did a study on dogs, and these researchers developed a method and formula for converting dog age to human age.

We developed two calculators based on the results of their research, these are:

  1. A calculator that lets you convert your poodle`s age to its human equivalent age.
  2. A calculator that lets you convert your own age to your poodle`s equivalent age.

Our first calculator will not only let you convert your poodle`s age to its equivalent human age, but the calculator will also tell you what day your poodle`s human birthday is. In addition, this calculator will also show you the celebrities with whom your poodle shares its exact human age and human `birthday`!

One of the reasons our poodle-age-to-human-age calculator matches your poodle`s human age and birthday to a celebrity`s age and birthday is to better give you a clear and tangible idea of how your poodle has aged. Simply telling you your poodle`s age in numbers is kinda abstract. However, we providing you an association between your poodle`s human age and the face of real humans such as a celebrity will help you in better visualizing your poodle`s human age.

a poodle at one year of age
A poodle at one year of age, living her best life.

Knowing your poodle`s human age is important because it will give you an idea of how much your poodle has aged. You will stop thinking that your 7 months old poodle is young and immature if you know that your poodle is more than 22 years old in human years. Also, knowing your poodle’s human age will give you a good idea of how time goes by in a poodle`s eyes. And this might even help you with better empathizing and connecting more with your poodle. For example, when you leave your poodle alone for, let`s say, 12 hours, it may look like 12 hours in your eyes, but to a poodle, it may seem like 3 days. Time goes by fast in a dog’s eyes. This may explain the hyper-excitement with which our poodles greet us when we return back home to them after leaving them for `a few` hours.

Since poodles age at a different rate compared to humans, the difference between your poodle`s human age today and your poodle`s human age tomorrow is not equal to one day. Again, time goes by faster in poodle’s eyes. So, check back every now and then to track the up-to-date human age and the up-to-date human birthday of your poodle with our calculator.

Poodle Age to Human Age Calculator (Toy Poodle, Minature Poodle, Standard Poodle)

Enter your poodle`s birthday in the poodle-age-to-human-age calculator below to find its human equivalent age and its human equivalent birthday.

If you are not sure or do not know what your poodle`s birthday is, enter an approximate age to calculate your poodle`s approximate human age.

Please be patient while the calculator crunches the numbers, and gathers the information on the celebrities your poodle shares its human birthday with. It takes time to do the calculations.

This poodle age to human age calculator is a:

  • Toy Poodle Age Calculator
  • Standard Poodle Age Calculator
  • Miniature Poodle Age Calculator

The new method created by the University of San Diego researchers for converting a dog`s age to its human age is based on what is called “epigenetics”. Epigenetics is the study of “how the way an animal lives changes the animal`s DNA”. Thus, with epigenetics, you can learn about a person`s life or a dog`s life simply by ‘scrolling’ through the DNA of the dog or the human (take that Instagram!).

With the techniques of epigenetics, scientists can look at a man`s, a dog`s, or a mouse`s DNA to figure out how old the man, the dog, or the mouse is, without anyone telling the scientist when the man, dog, or mouse was born. This is pretty cool. This is kind of similar to counting the teeth of a horse to determine the age of a horse or counting the rings in a tree to determine the age of the tree, etc. However, the techniques used in epigenetics are way more accurate than crude methods of estimating age by counting teeth or rings.

The main purpose of the aging research done by the University of San Diego researcher was to study how humans age, and how to make human anti-aging products work better (no dogs were harmed in the research).

However, according to the researchers, “humans are kind of boring”. So, they decided to study dogs instead. Specifically, the researchers studied Labs (Labrador retrievers) in their lab. No pun intended :-). The researchers studied 104 Labrador retrievers for the research. However, the scientists believed that this study would apply to all dog breeds, poodles included.

According to the researchers, converting a dog age to human age makes sense because dogs and humans go through similar well-defined life stages: birth, baby stage, young age stage, adolescence, adulthood, and old age.

Moreover, dogs (especially poodles) and humans live together and share similar lifestyles. Our dogs are exposed to the same environment as we do, our dogs breathe the same air as us, they walk the same walk with us their owners, we cuddle on the same couch with our dogs, even sometimes our dogs eat the same food as we do. We treat our dogs like we treat ourselves. We take them to the animal doctors just as we go to doctors for health checkups or for treatment when sick. We give our dogs vaccine and medications, human-style. In short, dogs have similar lifestyles as humans do. A dog`s life and human life will definitely mirror each other. This is especially true for the poodle breed, which likes and thrives on human companionship. No other animal species have such an intimate relationship with humans as dogs do. Dogs and humans have come a long way together.

Based on their study, the researchers that did the dog/human aging study came up with a neat formula for converting dog age to human age. Interestingly, this formula applies to aging in mice as well, and the researcher believes that the formula will apply to all dog breeds, and just not the Labrador dog breed that they used in their study.

graph of formula to covert dog age to human age
Graph of the formula for converting dog age to human age based on new research.

Based on this research, the corresponding human age for a poodle at different ages is show in the table below:

Poodle AgeHuman Equivalent Age in Years
4 months13
5 months17
6 months20
7 months22
8 months25
9 months26
10 months28
11 months30
1 year31
2 years42
3 years49
4 years53
5 years57
6 years60
7 years62
8 years64
9 years66
10 years68
11 years69
12 years71
13 years72
14 years73
15 years74
16 years75
17 years76
18 years77
Poodle Age to Human Age Conversion Table

Just like humans, there are four main stages in a dog`s life. These stages are shown in the table below. Read more about the growth stages in poodles here.

Life StageDog Years
Juvenile Stage2 – 6 months
Adolescent Stage6 months to 2 years
Mature Stage2 to 7 years
Senior Stage12 years and above
Life Stages of a dog
Growth Stages of my standard poodle in pictures
A standard poodle at different ages (life stages)

Human Age to Poodle Age Calculator

Since new science has shown us the formula on how to convert a poodle`s age to its human equivalent age, then it is possible to reverse this formula to convert human age to a poodle’s age.

Therefore, at, we developed the reverse formula that allows you to convert your age to a poodle’s equivalent age.

Enter your age below to calculate your age in poodle years. You are definitely not as ‘old’ as you think 🙂

How Long Toy Poodles Live in Human Years

On average, toy poodles live for 14 years and 7 months. Therefore, based on the toy poodle age to human age calculator, toy poodles live for 73 years, 10 months in human years.

How Long Standard Poodles Live in Human Years

The average lifespan of a Standard Poodle is 12 years. Therefore, based on the standard poodle age to human age calculator, a standard poodle lives for 70 years, 9 months in human years.

How Long Miniature Poodles Live in Human Years

The average lifespan of a miniature poodle is 14 years. Therefore, based on the miniature poodle age to human age calculator, a miniature poodle lives for 73 years, 2 months in human years.


Another Method of Converting Poodle Age to Human Age

There is another method for converting a dog`s age to human age. This method has been around for a while. This method is dog size-specific because it takes into consideration the different rates at which dogs of different sizes age. It is well known that small dogs tend to live longer than big dogs. Therefore, small dogs age slower than big dogs.

For example, a small dog like a toy poodle lives longer than a standard poodle. Therefore, a toy poodle ages slower than a standard poodle. Also, a miniature poodle lives longer than a standard poodle, therefore, the formula for converting a miniature poodle’s dog age to human age will be different from that for the standard poodle.

Accordingly, this classic method of converting a dog`s age to a human age takes into account the lifespan differences of different dogs due to their different sizes.

Enter your poodle`s date of birth and select your poodle`s breed size (toy poodle, standard poodle, or miniature poodle) in the calculator below. The calculator will convert your poodle`s age to its human age based on the classic method for converting a poodle’s age to its human age.

The conversion table of poodle dog age to human age is given below. The table show the equivalent human age for a toy poodle, a miniature poodle, and a standard poodle.

Poodle Age (Years)Toy Poodle Age in Human YearsMiniature Poodle Age in Human YearsStandard Poodle Age in Human Years
Table for converting poodle age to human age based on poodle size

Common Signs of Aging in Poodles

As your poodle grows older, you will start seeing changes in your poodle. Below are the common signs of aging in poodles:

When your poodle starts to show signs of aging, make sure you empathize with your poodle. You may also consider getting health insurance for your poodle so that you can better handle the cost associated with taking care of a senior poodle

Final Thoughts

If you own a puppy, and as your puppy grows, there will come a day that your puppy`s human age will be the same as your age. With little work, you can use our calculators to find the day you and your poodle will share the same human age! Give this task a try!