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My First Standard Poodle Haircut with a Professional Groomer

poodle lying face up

Last updated on April 21st, 2022 at 08:32 pm

Today, I went for a haircut at a professional groomer`s shop. This was my first time at a groomer`s shop, and I was quite nervous.

<p>When we arrived at the groomer`s shop, I was so nervous that I refused to walk in. I sat still by the door. I did not want to go in there because I did not know what to expect at this new place. I did not want to go in because I did not know it is a groomer`s shop. All I had was a feeling, a feeling that they do something to dogs <div><div>in there. But I did not know exactly what they do to dogs. Therefore, I was reluctant and nervous. My parents had to talk me to walk inside the groomer`s shop. My parents knew better.</p>

Background to the Grooming

My parents learned about this groomer from the parents of one of my friends, Ann. I met Ann at a park a few months back. Ann`s parents recommended the groomer because they thought the groomer has been doing a really good job on Ann. Watch me and Ann play together below.

My parents called up the groomer, and they were asked to fill out a new client form online. My parents also had to sign release forms that limit the groomer`s liability if something happens during the grooming.

The groomer also requires that I have records for rabies, DHPP, and bordetella vaccination before the can sign me on as a new client.

My parents have vaccinated me. However, my parents did not have the record. They told the groomer, and the groomer called my vet on my parent`s behalf to request my vaccination records.

When all the paper work got done, the groomer scheduled my grooming appoitment.

The Grooming Process

Before my parents drove me to the groomer`s shop, they made sure I ate before we left. When we got to the groomer`s shop, my parents made sure that I peed and pooed outside before they walked me into the groomer`s shop.

When we met the groomer`s, my parents explained to the groomer the type of haircut they wanted for me. That took a while because my parents were very particular about the type of haircut they wanted for me. Then the groomer led me to the grooming station, and the groomer asked my parents to leave.

The groomer knew that if my parents were around during my grooming, it would be a distraction for me. And if I get distracted, I could get jittery, and that could make the groomer accidentally cut the hair that they did not want to cut. They might even accidentally cut my skin if I did not stay still during the grooming process. Nobody wanted that.

The groomer explained to my parents that since I have had a home grooming before, it might take more than one professional grooming session for me to really look like a poodle that has been professionally groomed. Because it takes many passes of professional grooming for the effect of a non-professional groom to wear off.

Check out how my earlier home grooming went in the pictures below.

home groomed poodle
Result of my previous home grooming

When my parents left, my grooming began. My grooming took 2 hours 15 minutes. The groomer gave my parents a phone call to come and pick me up when the grooming was over.

My New Hairstyle

The style my parents asked the groomer to do for me is the Kennel Clip (Summer Cut) which is perfect for the summer. Furthermore, they asked the groomer to customize my Kennel Clip with the following effects:

  • shave hair to a minimum of half-inches long. Nothing shorter than that.
  • not to shave head hair (my parents want me to have the cute fine puppy hair for some time)
  • shave tail half-way so that it looks like a lion`s tail
  • cut ear hair into a triangular shape
  • shave face and muzzle. Trim the hair around the eyes.
  • clean my ears without plucking it (my mum is not comfortable with getting my puppy ear hair plucked)
  • trim nails
  • not to express my anal glands (my mum is ideologically against anal gland expression)
  • to give me a full bath, a blow/fluff dry, and a brush/comb out

My New Standard Poodle Look

My groomer did a good job. They groomed me according to my parents request.

poodle lion tail
Checkout my `lion` tail

The Goodies from the Groomer

In addition to my grooming, the groomer gave me a bag of goodies. I can`t wait to try them all!

goodies from poodle groomer
Free goodies from the groomer

PS: My parent also bought me a new girly collar at the groomer`s shop. I have been chewing on my old collar, and it looks really worn out. I really love my new cute collar!

new poodle collar
How do you like my new collar?