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Our Amazing Team of Poodle Lovers

Last updated on January 27th, 2021 at 09:57 pm

Vivian Fawole

Vivian Fawole came up with the idea of starting a poodle lifestyle blog for poodles. And this is that blog, Her goal is to provide accurate and reliable, educating, and entertaining content on poodles for poodle lovers from all over the world. Vivian is an amazing mum to an adorable red standard poodle, Sansa Maple. Vivian is a dog lover that knows a lot about the poodle breed, and she enjoys learning about poodles. She also enjoys sharing her expert knowledge on poodles with other poodle lovers. Vivian is a nurse by profession. She cherishes caring for people as much as she does for poodles.

Dr. Sara Ocha

Dr. Sara Redding Ochoa is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. She attended Louisiana Tech for her undergraduate school, and then attended Veterinary Medicine at St. George University. She currently practices full-time as a small animal and exotic animal veterinarian in Texas. She owns a Schnoodle (we forgave her for owning a purebred poodle :-). We are talking her into getting a poodle. Dr. Sara is aware of the health issues that are seen in the poodle breeds, and how to prevent these health issues. She has been cited in AKC articles on dog health. On, Dr. Ocha provides her expertise on health-related topics on poodles, and she checks the content on this website to ensure our contents are medically accurate.

Esther Oladapo

When Esther was a child, her dad bought her a German Shepherd puppy. She named him Mr. Ralph, and that began Esther’s love and fascination for dogs. She was 9 years old then. Since then she has owned ten dogs of various breeds including the poodle breed, the bulldog, and the beagle. Esther believes poodles are the best! Esther understands poodle behavior and she has done a lot of research on poodle behavior. From her vast experience and research on poodles, she shares on this website the secret tips that she has used to effectively train her poodles.

Coral Dawn Drake

Coral majored in communications at Dreyfoos High School of the Arts in West Palm Beach, Florida. She received her Bachelor’s in English with Honors with a focus in creative writing and minors in psychology and philosophy from Stetson University in Florida. She then went on to manage a private dog daycare and she also worked as a liaison of integrative medicine at the University of Florida Small Animal Hospital. Coral works with dogs regularly, fostering, and volunteering with shelter dogs. At, Coral offers her real-world experience from UF Small Animal Hospital in integrative medicine, neurology, and zoo medicine to provide poodle owners insight into the medical challenges faced by a poodle and how to prevent these challenges.

Sammy Merabet

Sammy is a passionate and detail-oriented poodle researcher who knows how to find satisfying answers to questions that poodle lovers are curious about. He attends the University of California at Irvine, where he is majoring in biology. At, Sammy helps research accurate answers to poodle questions.

Lauren Haymore

With a colorful history of experience and a degree in Forensics, Lauren found herself always coming back to dogs. Having been a groomer, trainer, vet tech, and worked many moons at doggy daycares, she finds her happiest moments with our better four-legged halves. At, she advises on issues related to poodle grooming and poodle coat care.


For Allisa, raising poodles has been a family thing. Allisa grew up with her mom raising toy poodles. Allisa now raises some of the best standard poodles in the country for both shows and pet homes. Allisa’s sister is a dog groomer, so a love of dogs seems to run in her family. Allisa received her degree in English and Secondary Education, but after a few years of teaching, she was drawn back into the world of poodles and raised a few of her own litters. Her dogs are now retired, and they are a part of her family. She enjoys writing about the Poodle breed and all that she has learned from growing up with them and raising poodle litters.

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