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Dad is Back Home After One Week Away! (August 13, 2020)

Last updated on December 6th, 2020 at 08:58 pm

Yay! Dad just got back home. I am so excited to see him!!

See me wag my tail and bark with joy.

I even peed on myself out of excitement (#embarrassed :-|)

Dad and Mum have been away for a week. I have always been around my parents since I was a puppy. I had seen them every day.

But last week, mum had to go for a long work assignment in Miami. And dad went to spend the first one week with her. My mum`s friend (Aunt Nin) was staying with us before Dad and Mum left. So, Aunt Nin was the one that took care of me when my parents were away. Aunt Nin is so sweet. She took good care of me.

Dad thinks I have got an inch taller since he left. He also thinks I have gotten more friskier. Hmm…

I can`t wait till my mum comes back. I miss her. I am sure she misses me too.

I heard Miami is a very beautiful place. I hope Dad, Mum, and I will one day go on a vacation together in Miami someday. I will talk to them about it. Woof Woof.

Beautiful Miami