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Standard Poodle Growth. Weight and Height Calculator.

how big standard poodles

Last updated on June 2nd, 2022 at 08:19 pm

This article tells you when a STANDARD POODLE stops growing. For information on when a TOY POODLE stops growing, check out our article and calculator on when toy poodles stop growing. For information on when a MINIATURE POODLE stops growing, check out our article and calculator on when miniature poodles stop growing.

Did you just get a Standard Poodle puppy? It may seem that your standard poodle puppy is growing very quickly.  This is very normal for your dog to quickly double in size in just a few weeks.  With the correct nutrition, your puppy should constantly be growing.  You may be wondering when will your standard poodle puppy stop growing and how big will your standard poodle get?  

This article tells you when your standard poodle stops growing, and the different stages of your standard poodle growth.

This page also contains a standard poodle growth calculator that lets you predict the future adult weight and height of your standard poodle based on its current weight and height.

This page also contains the standard poodle weight chart and height chart.

Finally, this page contains a calculator that lets you compare the weight of your standard poodle to the ideal standard poodle weight. Our weight calculator will tell you if your standard poodle is currently in the normal weight range, underweight, or overweight. We designed this calculator based on a recent research study carried out at the University of Liverpool . This study collected and analyzed the weight of over 6 million healthy dogs in the United States. The dogs studied included dogs in the standard poodle weight category.

When do Standard Poodles Stop Growing?

Your standard poodle will continue to grow in size for the first year.  After that one year, your standard poodle will stop getting any taller but will start to fill out.  This means that, after one year, your standard poodle will only gain a little weight around their middles so they do not look skinny. This weight gain in the middle usually takes about 6 months.  At around 18 months, your standard poodle should be at its maximum height and weight. Standard Poodles stop growing at 18 months.

The rate at which standard poodles grow changes with time.  At first, your standard poodle will be doubling in size every week or two.  Once they are 4 to 5 months old, they will slow down a little on their growth and slowly continue to reach their maximum height and weight. 

Standard Poodle Weight and Height Growth Chart

Below is the typical growth height chart and weight chart of standard poodles at different stages in their lives.

AgeHeight in InchesWeight in Pounds
Birth to 4 weeksless than 10 4 to 5 
4 to 8 weeks10 to 137 to 10
2 to 4 months13 to 1910 to 22
4 to 8 months19 to 2323 to 45
8 months to 1 year23 to 2734 to 65
2 years (fully grown)24 to 2738 to 70
Height and weight of Standard Poodle at different ages (Inches and Pounds)
AgeHeight in CentimetersWeight in Kilograms
Birth to 4 weeksless than 251 to 2
4 to 8 weeks25 to 333 to 4
2 to 4 months33 to 484 to 10
4 to 8 months48 to 5810 to 20
8 months to 1 year58 to 6815 to 30
2 years (fully grown)60 to 6817 to 31
Height and weight of Standard Poodle at different ages (centimeters and kilograms)

Note that how big a standard poodle will grow depends on many factors such as the size of the parents and its gender. Hence, a general way to specify how much a standard poodle has grown is to specify the growth of a standard poodle in relative terms, that is, as a percentage of a standard poodle’s expected adult sizes. This can be seen in the standard poodle growth chart below.

Typical Standard Poodle Growth Chart
Standard Poodle Growth Chart

According to the growth chart, a 4-week old standard poodle puppy should have already achieved 10% of its weight and 20% of its height.

A 1-year old standard poodle should have already achieved 90% of its weight and almost 100 % of its height, and so on.

infographic on standard poodle growth from puppy to adult
Standard Poodle Growth Chart in Pictures

Growth Calculator for Standard Poodles (Weight and Height)

Use the calculator below to calculate the adult weight and height of your standard poodle based on its current weight and height.

This calculator is based on the typical growth chart for standard poodles.

If you need help on how to accurately measure your standard poodle size to get an accurate result for your poodle`s size prediction, check out our guide on the best practices for measuring and tracking standard poodle size.

Is Your Standard Poodle of Normal Weight for Its Age? Use This Weight Calculator To Check

Use the calculator above to find the ideal weight and the normal weight range of a standard poodle, male or female, of any age between 12 weeks and 100 weeks.

If you want to see how the weight of your standard poodle compares to that of other standard poodle`s of its age, enter the weight of your standard poodle in the calculator, and the calculator will show you where your standard poodle stands on the weight chart.

The calculator will also tell you if your standard poodle is of normal weight, overweight, or underweight.

This standard poodle growth calculator uses the data from a research study on dog weight carried out by researchers at the University of Liverpool.

Please, talk to your vet before taking any decision on your pet`s weight and health.

Growth Stages of a Standard Poodle

Each Standard poodle will be a little different when it comes to how big they will get and how quickly they will reach their mature size.  This is a guide on what to expect as your Standard poodle starts to grow.  The AKC classifies a Standard Poodle as any poodle over 15 inches tall.

According to AKC show rules, a standard Poodle that is 15 inches or less in height is not eligible to compete in AKC conformation dog shows.

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), the height of the adult standard poodle is over 15 inches, and the weight of the male standard poodle is between 60 and 70 pounds, while the weight of the adult female standard poodle is between 40 and 50 pounds.

An adult poodle that is bigger than a miniature poodle but smaller than a standard poodle is considered a Moyen poodle.

Below are the growth stages of my standard poodle in pictures, from 4 weeks to 7 months.

Growth Stages of my standard poodle in pictures

Standard Poodle Size from Birth to 4 Weeks

When your standard poodle is first born, they are just a few ounces to a pound in weight, and they are less than 10 inches in height.  They will quickly start to get nutrients from their mother and start to grow.  By the time standard poodles are weaned from their mother, they are around 4 to 5 pounds.  Most standard poodle puppies will gain about 1 pound a week over the first four weeks of their lives.

Standard Poodle Size from 4 to 8 Weeks

Between week 4 to week 8 is the time when most standard poodle puppies go to their new homes. Standard poodle puppies also get their first set of vaccines between weeks 4 and 8. Your vet will be able to check your new puppy for any issues that might cause them abnormal growth.  Standard poodle puppies at 4 to 8 weeks old will be about 10 to 13 inches in height, and they will weigh 7 to 10 pounds.

Standard Poodle Size from 2 Months to 4 Months

Standard Poodle Puppy
A 3-month old standard poodle puppy

Your Standard poodle puppy will need extra care and attention during the 2 to 4 months period. This will help to make sure that they are receiving the proper nutrition so that their bones can correctly develop. By the time that your standard poodle has reached 4 months of age, they will be around 13 to 19 inches in height and they will weigh between 10 and 22 pounds

Standard Poodle Size from 4 months to 8 Months

During the 4 to 8 months period, your Standard Poodle will start to slow down a little in growth.  They have finished their puppy stage and entering their teenage stage.  They will be learning the explore the world around them and even getting into a lot of trouble :-).  By the time your Standard Poodle is 6 months old, they should 19 to 23 inches in height, and weigh about 30 to 40 pounds.

Standard Poodle Size from 8 Months to One Year

At 8 months to 1 year, your standard poodle will reach its adult height.  The average adult height of a standard poodle is 23 to 27 inches.  After this time, your Standard Poodle will not get much taller. A standard poodle should weigh 40 to 50 pounds at this age.

Standard Poodle Size from 1 Year to 2 Years

Your Standard Poodle will reach their ideal maximum weight at 1 to 2 years of age.  Your standard poodle should be 24 to 27 inches tall at 1 to 2 years of age. Male standard poodles weigh on average 45 to 70 pounds where females weigh 45 to 60 pounds.

Once your standard poodle is a year of age, you should switch their diet from puppy food to one that is designed for adult dogs.  This will help prevent your standard poodle from becoming overweight.  Obesity can cause many health issues, such as joint pain, diabetes, and arthritis. 

An adult male standard poodle
An Adult Male Standard Poodle

How Big Will Your Standard Poodle Be?

When looking at your Standard Poodle puppy, the best way to tell how big that they will be is to look at their parents.  If your puppy`s mom and dad were on the smaller size for their breed, so will your puppy.  

If both parents of your standard poodle puppy were very large, and then most likely, your standard poodle would be larger.  If one parent was big and one was small, your puppy could be at either end of the size chart of they could fall in between.  

Will the biggest Dog in the Litter be the Biggest as an Adult?

It is a very common misconception that the biggest standard poodle puppy in the litter will be the biggest adult poodle.  Actually, many different factors are responsible for which puppy will end up as the biggest adult dog.

What do I Need to Feed My Standard Poodle Puppy to Help them Grow?

All large breed puppies need to eat food designed for large breed puppies. Therefore, make sure you feed your standard poodle dog food that is designed for large breed puppies. This is because standard poodles are big dogs compared to other dog breeds. By feeding a large breed puppy food to your puppy, you are giving your poodle puppy the nutrients that they need to help them stay healthy.  These foods differ from regular puppy dog food in 4 ways by being lower in:

  • Calcium
  • Fat
  • Phosphorus and
  • Vitamin D

Most people think that large breed dogs need a diet that is higher in calcium to help support healthy bone growth.  However, recent studies have shown that a high level of calcium in your dog’s diet can actually cause your standard poodle to develop joint issues. 

Large breed puppies will require a special diet to help avoid certain health risks.  A standard poodle will require careful monitoring for any signs of orthopedic disease, obesity, and bloat. The development of these diseases is heavily influenced by the nutrition that you feed your standard poodle.

What if My Standard Poodle is Overweight?

There are many things that you can do to help your standard poodle lose weight. These are:

  • Decrease the amount that you are feeding by 25%
  • Increase their exercise
  • Cut out any treats

By doing these few things, your standard poodle will return to its ideal weight. 

What If My Standard Poodle Is Underweight?

If your adult standard poodle is underweight you can usually just increase the amount of food that you are feeding them to help them add on a few extra pounds. You can even add canned food or puppy food to your adult standard poodle`s diet to help your poodle gain more weight. Canned food and puppy food are higher in calories and will easily help add a few extra pounds to your standard poodle`s weight.

Final Thoughts

Your standard poodle puppy may look as if they are growing right in front of you.  You notice them growing really fast right in front of your eyes. However, as time goes on, your standard poodle`s growth will slow down. During this period, your standard poodle will just start to fill out.

Once your standard poodle is about 2 years old, it should not get any bigger.  Some will gain weight due to being overfed, but they should be able to maintain a healthy weight if you feed your poodle properly.  By feeding your Standard poodle the correct nutrition, you are setting them up for a healthy and happy life.