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My First Encounter with a Train. That was a Close One! (September 3, 2020)

poodle seeing a railway train for the first time

Last updated on April 21st, 2022 at 08:32 pm

Dad and I went for our walk this evening. We have been going for regular evening walks on this new trail that we recently discovered. I like the trail. It was quite and it has lot of space for me to play. On this trail, dad sometimes let me off the leash for a while for me to walk free.

I love this trail because it was so quiet and so peaceful. And I like evening walks. I am a poodle puppy. I like regular exercise. Walks help me let out my poodle puppy energy.

However, today, something very weird happened as we were walking the trail. I heard a loud noise: CLACKETY-CLACK CLACKETY-CLACK WAAANK WAAANK WAAANK. What was that? What was that? It was a train! A train? What is a train?

That was my first time seeing a train. First, I stood still, frozen. Then I took off. I ran. But my running did not make the train noise go away. Because I was running parallel to the train. The sound of the train was so scary.

Watch my funny reaction below:

Fortunately, the train was not a very long one. It passed by after about one minute. But I bet you, that was a really scary one minute! The scariest one minute of my poodle puppy life.

Should I still go back to that trail because it is a lovely trail? Or should I stay back because I might run into a train again?

I think I will go back. Now that I know that trains don`t bite. They just make annoying noises. I should not be that scared the next time I encounter a train.