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How Much a Toy Poodle Costs. Price of a Toy Poodle

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Last updated on September 28th, 2021 at 05:42 pm

Toy Poodle Puppy Price

When you are looking for a furry new companion, and you`re pretty sure you want a toy poodle, the next question you probably have is: How much will my toy poodle cost? That answer can vary by a lot depending on where you find your toy poodle. However, generally speaking, the average price of a toy poodle puppy is $2500.

Based on our research, a toy poodle puppy price can range from $500 to $9 500.

Many different factors affect the price of a toy poodle. That`s why the price range is so wide. We will discuss what factors determine how much a toy will cost.

Buying a Toy Poodle Puppy

If you are looking for a toy poodle, and you wish to raise your dog from a puppy, you will want to look for reputable breeders in your area and beyond. Toy poodle puppy prices usually start at around $500. Don`t be surprised, however, if you find that a breeder is asking $9 500 for their puppies. A number of factors, that we will later discuss, contribute to the price a toy poodle is sold for.

Note that on average, the cost of a toy poodle puppy is usually higher than the cost of a standard poodle puppy. This is because the toy litter size is smaller than the standard poodle litter size. Unlike standard poodles, toy poodles do not give birth to a lot of babies. Therefore, the only way breeders can get a high return on their investment in breeding toy poodles is to charge more for toy poodle puppies.

Below is our survey of toy poodle puppy prices. This survey is based on over 450 toy poodle puppy prices. As you can see, most toy poodle puppies are sold for around $2 500.

a survey of toy poodle prices. Average price of toy poodle puppy is $2500
A survey of Toy Poodle Puppy prices

Also, many toy poodle breeders will charge more as the puppy gets older because it has cost them more to raise that puppy. These breeders will calculate the extra cost of food and grooming and hours spent caring for the puppy and they will add that on to the cost of the puppy. If the breeder has already house trained the puppy, she will likely upcharge even more. Many people are looking for older puppies who have already been house trained, so it is not hard for a breeder to charge more for a puppy that is a couple of months old and house trained.

If you want to buy a toy poodle puppy, we recommend that you start working with a reputable breeder, even before the toy poodle is born. Some toy poodle buyers believe that if they wait until a breeder has an older puppy who has not sold, the breeder will be forced to sell that puppy for less money, but that is not necessarily true. It is a myth that an older puppy will be cheaper.

Reputable breeders care about their toy poodle puppies. These breeders do not see their puppies as products that they have to dispose of by any means necessary.

For your convenience, we have compiled a detailed list of reputable AKC poodle breeders in different US states. Check out the list of these reputable poodle breeders and how much they sell their poodle puppies.

toy poodle with bow tie

How Much is an Adult Toy Poodle?

The price of an adult toy poodle varies greatly depending on where you find one. Rescues and shelters all have their own fees that are not dependent on the breed of dog you are adopting. If you find someone that is rehoming a toy poodle, you will probably find that the rehoming fee is between $200 and $400. Breeders and rescues strongly encourage people to charge a significant rehoming fee to make sure that their dog goes to a loving home.

How much is a Toy Poodle from a Breeder?

There are two ways to get a toy poodle from a breeder. You can buy a puppy from a litter or you can rehome an old toy poodle from the breeder. The cost of buying a toy poodle puppy from a litter is usually around $2500. If you prefer an adult dog, you can also look for a breeder who retires and rehomes her breeding dogs. Many breeders keep their dogs as pets for the entirety of their lives, but some breeders will rehome their dogs when they are done having litters. If you are interested in a toy poodle that is about five or six years old, you can ask a toy poodle breeder if you can be put on a waiting list to adopt a retired breeding dog. The rehoming fee for retired toy poodles from breeders can be anywhere from $200 to $1000 depending on the breeder, lineage, and location.

What Affects the Cost of a Toy Poodle?

As we mentioned, the price of a toy poodle can range very wide. The factors that determine how much a toy poodle will cost  include:

There are so many factors that affect how much a toy poodle will cost. First, it depends on if you are looking to adopt a toy poodle that is being rehomed or whether you want to purchase a puppy. Rehoming fees are slightly less than the original cost of a toy poodle puppy. While a toy poodle puppy from breeders costs around $2 500, re-homing fees are usually $200 to $1000.


Another factor that affects the cost of a toy poodle is the lineage of the toy poodle puppy. Puppies whose parents, grandparents, or any parent in his ancestry has won a trophy in a dog show are more expensive.

Health Testing

Ethical, reputable breeders will do health and genetic testing on the puppies and the parents of the puppies. This costs quite a bit of money and requires some risk on the breeder`s part. This reflects the cost of their puppies. To provide you with a companion that is the least likely to develop diseases, the breeder will run genetic tests on the parent dogs. To cover these costs, the prices of the puppies are raised. A toy poodle puppy from health and genetically tested parents will cost from $1500 – $2500.

Registration Papers

Most ethically-bred toy poodles will come with AKC papers. This will show you your poodle`s pedigree. Toy poodles that cost the most are the ones that have show champions in their lineage and health and genetically tested parents. You will sometimes find breeders who are producing puppies without AKC registration. They may have UKC or CKC registration instead. Whatever registration the puppies have, the most important thing is that the breeder is health testing the parents.

Toy poodles will also cost more if you are asking for full registration as opposed to a limited registration. In AKC, the breeder marks on the paper whether the buyer has full registration or limited. Full registration means that the buyer will have the right to breed that dog and/or show him at AKC shows. Limited registration means that the poodle will just be a pet and will not be used for breeding or show. If you do breed a dog that does not have full registration, those puppies will not be able to be registered and an attempt to do so would notify the breeder that sold you the puppy on limited registration.

Some people do buy puppies on limited registration and breed them anyway. This is a breach of their contract and a good reason to do your research if you do see puppies being sold without any registration. The breeder may have produced that litter without purchasing the breeding and show rights. Many breeders that do provide AKC papers and limited registration will also include a contract that states that if a buyer is found to be breeding a dog on limited registration, that a fine or lawsuit will take place.

If you do intend to raise your own litters, you will want to purchase a puppy with full registration. This will allow you to have the right to register the puppies you raise so long as both the dam (mother) and sire (father) have full registration papers. Purchasing a puppy with full registration can often cost up to twice as much as buying a puppy with limited registration. This is because the breeder knows that you will be making some money from your original investment of buying the full registration puppy. More importantly, however, the increased cost of a full registration puppy is to make sure that the new buyer will take care of the dogs they use for breeding and ensure that their puppies never end up in puppy mills.

Speaking of puppy mills, it is important to do your research before buying your toy poodle puppy to make sure that it is not coming from a mill. While it is true that these puppies that are already in mills need homes, it is not a good idea to purchase them because that will only keep the puppy mill in business and keep them making money and producing more puppies that will be raised in poor conditions. . Never give money to a breeder you suspect is operating a puppy mill, even if you really want to rescue a puppy you see there. It will only result in more puppies being born in that mill.  In your search for a puppy, if you come across what you suspect is a mill, the best thing to do is to call animal control or the state licensing organization for pet breeders. They will check out the conditions and decide whether or not to confiscate the animals


Another factor that affects the cost of a toy poodle puppy is your location. A higher cost of living means that it will cost more to raise a litter. That is why you will see toy poodle puppies in New York or California for $3500 or even up to $4000 in these areas. In the Midwest, however, where the cost of living is quite a bit cheaper, you will see toy poodles for much less.

If you are looking a puppy for good value for your money, consider looking into buying puppies from places with low cost of living. However, you have to factor in the cost of transporting the toy poodle puppy from that place to you.


It is more likely to find a difference in the cost of a toy poodle based on color rather than gender. Certain colors are rarer than others. Some owners want a toy poodle of a unique color. Since there are not very many around, breeders will often charge more for these unique toy poodles. It is, again, an issue of supply and demand. Some colors that are rarer and expensive include phantom (black with brown paws and eyebrows), Sable (a red-ish brown), red and white parti (white with red spots), and tri-colored (black and white parti with brown eyebrows and paws). These colors are likely to cost quite a bit more than some of the more common colors such as black, brown, cream, white, and silver.

Male Versus Female Toy poodles

It is actually a myth that females cost more than males. Usually, ethical breeders will charge the same amount for their male and female puppies because they put the same amount of money, time, and effort into each puppy regardless of gender. However, sometimes if there is a difference in supply and demand for different genders, a breeder will offer one gender for slightly less. For example, if a breeder has a litter with four males and only one female, she may charge more for that female simply because there is less supply than demand. For the most part, however, you will see males and females from the same litter priced the same.

How Not To Get Scammed When Buying a Toy Poodle Puppy

Unfortunately, scammers are everywhere in the poodle world. They know that there is a high demand for toy poodles, and they take advantage of that. There are ways to recognize a scammer, however, to make sure that you don`t lose money. Not all scammers are easy to recognize. Many sound just like anyone else over a text message. However, a scammer will do several things that a real breeder would not do. These are:

  • Ask you to wire money through a non-secure site
  • Refuse to talk with you on the phone or in person, insisting they can only text or message on social media.
  • Refuse to let you come and see the litter
  • Will not facetime or send videos
  • Claim to have any breed and age you ask for
  • Be easily persuaded to lower price
  • Cannot provide a vet reference
  • Cannot provide customer reviews
  • Continue to hound you

Some ethical breeders do accept deposits without you having seen the puppy. This is because some people buy puppies that are too far away for them to travel to see the puppy before reserving it. However, scammers will ask you to wire money through non-secure means such as Western Union.

Scammers will often refuse to have a conversation with you over the phone. If you ask for a phone number to call, they will make up excuses as to why they cannot talk with you on the phone.

Scammers will not provide you with an opportunity to see the litter in person because there is no litter. Some real breeders will not allow guests to see the litter until after the puppies have been vaccinated. This is to avoid spreading deadly diseases like parvo, which can spread when people visit one litter after another. However, a real breeder will tell you when the puppies will be old enough to visit and they will usually offer to facetime or video chat with you so you can see the puppies. A scammer will not be able to facetime or video-chat live with you.

If you suspect that the person you are talking with might be a scammer, ask them if they have other breeds and ages. For example, you could say that you are also looking for a Yorkie or an adult dog. A scammer will claim to have anything you are looking for in a dog.

Another way to test a suspected scammer is to ask them to sell you a puppy at a much lower price. Real breeders will rarely if ever lower their prices when asked. If someone agrees to sell you a puppy at a price much lower than the average cost of a toy poodle, they may be trying to scam you.

Scammers don`t work with vets. You can also ask a suspected scammer for a vet reference. If the person does send you the number of a vet clinic, be sure to call and ask about the person by name. A real breeder will be working with a veterinarian that can confirm the breeder. Be sure to get the number to an actual clinic or animal hospital.

A scammer will usually not have customer reviews available. Scammers can set up business pages rather quickly, but they generally do not have many followers or customer reviews on their page. This is only one red flag for spotting a scammer. Some scammers do generate false reviews.

A real breeder will never continue to bother you about buying a puppy after you have dropped the conversation. Scammers will often continue to hound you and send you more pictures after you have already said that you were not interested anymore. Real breeders want their puppies to go to homes with people who are sure they want them and are ready to be puppy owners. So they will never bother you and try to persuade you to buy their puppy. If you are being hounded by someone to buy a puppy, that person may be a scammer.

Adopting a toy poodle

By this point, you might be wondering if you can adopt a toy poodle instead of buying one. You may be able to! There are several reputable rescues in the country. You can start by looking to see if there is a local toy poodle rescue near you. If there is, contact them and ask to fill out an application. Rescues are usually very careful about who they will allow adopting a toy poodle because they know that the dogs they have in the rescue have already been displaced at least once, and the rescue organization wants to make sure that these dogs do not end up going from one home to another over and over. Rehoming fees can vary greatly depending on the rescue organization and location. Fees can range from $200 to nearly $1000.

Another good way to rescue a toy poodle is to contact an ethical breeder and ask to be placed on a waiting list for a rehome.

Ethical breeders will always make sure that the puppies they place never end up in a shelter. They usually have a clause in their purchase agreement with the buyer that they will take the puppy back at any time if the owners are unable to keep it. These breeders will then rehome the dogs that come back to them. Rescuing from an ethical breeder who has a dog to rehome is also a good way to rescue a toy poodle whose parent dogs have had all the recommended health and genetic testing. This will help you avoid unexpected vet bills.

Buying Versus Adopting a Toy Poodle

You may be wondering if you should adopt or buy a poodle. As mentioned, if you ever have an opportunity to rescue a toy poodle, that is a rewarding way to find a companion. Rescuing is not an option for everyone, however. Some people have young children, and they don`t want to risk adopting a dog whose background they do not know. They want to make sure that their dog is raised with children from puppyhood. Other people cannot rescue if their local rescue has requirements that they can`t meet. Some rescues require the people adopting from them to have a fenced-in back-yard, to be a homeowner, or to have only children that are over a certain age. If you don`t qualify for adoption from a rescue, you can still be a good dog owner.

As mentioned, rescues are extra cautious about who adopts their dogs because they do not want to risk a poodle being rehomed twice. Adjusting to a new home can be a traumatic experience for any dog, but especially for poodles because they become so attached to their humans. Rescues have many guidelines in place to do their best to make sure that the toy poodles they adopt out will stay in their new homes for the rest of their lives. If you do not qualify to rescue, then you can find a puppy from an ethical breeder.

Even if you do qualify to rescue a toy poodle, you may choose to purchase from an ethical breeder anyway. You may choose not to rescue if you have small children and wish to know the background of the dog you are adopting. You may also choose to purchase instead of rescue if you really want to know that the parents of your puppy have been tested for genetic diseases, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, etc.

Final Thoughts

There is a huge price range for toy poodles. This is because there are so many factors that determine how much your toy poodle will cost. Everything from location, health testing, pedigree, and color can alter the price you will pay for your toy poodle. Whether you choose to adopt your toy poodle from a reputable rescue or purchase a puppy from an ethical breeder, there will be some cost associated with buying a toy poodle.

If you are looking for a reputable breeder from whom to buy a toy poodle, a good place to start looking is the AKC poodle marketplace.

When you are looking at your budget and finances when looking to buy a toy poodle, be sure to factor in the cost of food, vet bills, and grooming. The cost of a toy poodle is so much more than just the initial price of the puppy. It is important to make sure that you can afford all of the extra costs that go along with owning a toy poodle. Toy poodles are worth what it costs to purchase and keep them. They are loving, friendly, intelligent pets that can bring many years of companionship.