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Standard Poodle Life Expectancy. How To Make Them Live Long

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Last updated on October 7th, 2021 at 02:04 am

To be a parent to a standard poodle is very rewarding. Standard poodles, in my opinion, are the best of all dog breeds. Standard poodles are smart, loyal, and very obedient. Standard poodles have proven their worth as the best of all dog breeds by being the sweetest of all house pets. Standard poodles also have a good track record of being champions among other dogs in the show rings. Any person lucky to have a standard poodle wants to keep their standard poodle around forever or, realistically, for as long as possible.

But as the saying goes, “in this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes”. That is the sad reality. 

Standard poodles fall into the size category of medium-sized dogs. Bigger dogs tend to live relatively shorter than smaller dogs. Nevertheless, the life expectancy of a standard poodle, despite its relatively big size, is comparable to the life expectancy of a smaller dog. Standard poodles have a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years.

Researchers have properly documented how long standard poodles live. The purpose of this article is to inform you of the research study on how long standard poodles live.

In this article, we will also discuss the common causes of death in Standard Poodles. Some of these things that cut the life of a standard poodle short are avoidable accidents. We will let you know what these accidents are. We hope that you knowing about these things will help you protect your standard poodle from fatal accidents.

Giving your poodle a happy and fulfilling life should your goal as a good poodle parent. Therefore, we will also discuss how you can ensure that your standard poodle lives a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life.

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A standard poodle

Life Expectancy of a Standard Poodle. How Long Standard Poodles Live

The average life span of a standard poodle is 12 years. However, Standard poodles can live up to 18 years. This information is based on data from a life expectancy research study on dogs that measured the lifespan of 83 standard poodles

comparing the lifespan of standard poodle to other dog breeds
Chart comparing the average lifespan of Standard Poodles to other dog breeds

The table below compares the average life span of the three poodle varieties based on research data. Toy poodles live the longest because of their smaller size.

Poodle VarietyAverage LifespanLifespan Range
Miniature poodle14 years6·5 years to 18·5 years
Toy Poodle14·6 years2 years to 19 years
Standard Poodle12 years1·25 years to 18 years
The life expectancy of poodles

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How Old is Your Poodle in Human Years

Recently, some researchers developed a method for converting dog age to human age. We developed a calculator based on their method. Enter your standard poodle’s birthday (exact or approximate age) in the calculator below to see how much your standard poodle has aged from a human point of view.

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Leading Causes of Death in Standard Poodles

In a study of 74,556 dogs from the year 1984 to 2004, which included 812 Standard poodles, the two leading causes of death in standard poodles are neoplasia (cancer) and gastrointestinal disease (bloat).

Cancer is very common in dogs especially when they reach old age. 

Bloat is common in standard poodles because the standard poodle has a narrow chest. This causes gas accumulation in the stomach of a standard poodle causing the stomach to rotate. When the stomach expands and twists, it puts pressure on other organs and sends the standard poodle into a shock. A mild case of bloat can go on for days before becoming serious, but a severe case can kill a standard poodle within minutes.

Some of the causes of death in standard poodles are simply from old age. As a poodle parent, there is nothing you can do to avoid this. However, some of these causes of standard poodle death are easily preventable.

Below is the list of the leading cause of death in standard poodles from the most common to the least common.

  1. Cancer
  2. Bloat
  3. Trauma
  4. Neurologic problems
  5. Musculoskeletal disorders such as hip dysplasia
  6. Heart Diseases
  7. Breathing problems
  8. Infections
  9. Urogenital problems (kidney failure)
  10. Liver problems
  11. Inflammation
  12. Metabolic problems
  13. Degenerative problems
  14. Endocrine diseases
  15. Skin problems
  16. Birth defects
  17. Vascular problems
  18. Poisoning
  19. Eye problems

Increasing Standard Poodle Lifespan. Preventing Early Death in Standard Poodles

Preventing Trauma

Trauma is the third most common cause of death in Standard poodles. And it is the most preventable. As a standard poodle-owner, you have to be on guard to prevent your poodle from getting into an accident. Standard poodles are very active and athletic dogs. They like to play, and this makes them very prone to getting into trouble. Always keep an eye on your standard poodle.

Preventing Cancer

The best way to prevent losing your standard poodle to cancer is to take your poodle to the vet regularly for examination. You may ask your vet to check your poodle for cancer when you take your poodle in for vaccination. Early detection makes cancer treatment in poodles easier. 

Preventing Infections

Infections commonly lead to death in standard poodles. You can prevent this through regular vet visits and regular grooming of your standard poodle. Bath them, clean their ears, their teeth. In certain places in the country, your standard poodle may be at risk of getting Lyme infections. Read this guide on how to prevent your poodle from getting Lyme disease.

Preventing Poisoning

Poisoning is not an uncommon cause of death in standard poodles. This is another easily avoidable cause of death in poodles. Be on the watch to see what your standard poodle has in its mouth. Standard poodles like to chew on everything, especially when they are in the puppy stage. Do not be a careless poodle parent. Always monitor what your poodle is chewing.

Eating poisonous plants, vegetables and flowers is one of the many ways a standard poodle can get poisoned. Here is our list (with pictures) of plants, vegetables, and flowers that are poisonous to dogs, standard poodles included.

Health Testing

Screening standard poodles for health problems before breeding them is a good way to produce healthy poodles. There are some genetic health problems that are common in poodles. Good breeders screen their poodles for health problems before breeding them. A good breeder will not mate poodles with genetic defects. This ensures that a poodle puppy does not have a chance of inheriting genetic problems from its parents. Some genetic problems can lead to premature death. Buying your standard poodle puppy from breeders that do health testing as part of their breeding programs will prevent you from buying a poodle that will die early. 

Spaying and Neutering

The American Animal Hospital Association provides a guideline for determining the best time to neuter or spay a dog. There are health benefits to neutering dogs early and there are benefits of neutering a dog late. You should talk to your vet to determine the sweet spot for your standard poodle. Before you spay or neuter your standard poodle, tell your veterinarian to perform a complete health exam of your poodle. This is to make sure that there are no other health conditions that would cause your poodle not to have a successful surgery.

Regular Exercise

Studies have shown that one of the very effective ways to make a dog live long is to ensure that a dog is in good shape. Adequate exercise will make your poodle lean and make it live longer. Therefore, exercising your poodle regularly is probably the simplest of all interventions that you can use to make your standard poodle live long.

Poodles are generally, very active dogs. They are naturally inclined to play. This makes it easy for your to encourage your poodle to exercise.

Take your standard poodle for walks, play fetch with your standard poodle, let your standard poodle run in the yard, take your standard poodle to the dog park. Ensure that your standard poodle gets a decent amount of exercise every day. This will make your poodle live longer.

poodle exercising

Good Food

Feed your standard poodle quality nutritious food that your vets recommend. Feed your poodle regularly and on time. 

Good water

Clean water is necessary for your poodle`s health. Learn more about poodle water needs and how to satisfy them.

giving water to poodle in a bowl



Clean your standard poodle`s teeth regularly. Clean their ears regularly to prevent ear infections in your poodle. Bath them regularly and brush their coats. Matting of poodle hair can restrict the flow of blood in poodles.

Final Thoughts

Yes, all dogs go to heaven. However, you want to keep your standard poodle with you for as long as possible. Being a poodle parent is fun. Standard poodles are generally a very healthy breed. But you must also play your part as a standard poodle parent to make sure that your standard poodle lives its life to the fullest.

As a responsible standard poodle-owner, you should ensure that your poodle lives a long and happy life. Establishing an early relationship with a vet is a good way to prevent many health problems in your poodle. Also, take extra precautions to make sure your poodle does not get into a fatal accident. Many standard poodle lives have been lost through traumatic accidents.

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